Nicaragua El Toston

Nicaragua El Toston

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This coffee has lovely sweetness. Hints of honey, lemon and nicely brunt sugar.
It's perfect as a breakfast coffee and any occasion!

El Tostón is a blend created from farms in the Dipilto region, in Nicaragua. It is a fully-washed coffee produced using a mix of 90% Caturra and 10% small (grade 16-18) Maragogype and Maracaturra beans. The coffee is named after a typical Nicaraguan dish made using plantain bananas called Tostón, which is a substantial, well-balanced dish, just like this coffee, which would make an excellent base for a blend.

El Tostón coffee is created with the aim of offering a nice solid and homogeneous cup, scoring between 83.5 and 84.5. The Dipilto region’s high altitudealso givesthe coffee an intricate and tangy character. It is a round and very well-balanced coffee. Full-bodied and chocolatey as an espresso, evokingcaramel and chocolate as a filter coffee.

The Dipilto terroir is located in the production area of Nueva Segovia, which occupies the northwest corner of the country separated from Honduras by the natural border of the Dipilto and Jalapa cordillera.
It is in this region that the Mogoton mountain can be found, which rises to more than 2,100 metres and marks Nicaragua’s highest point. The region’s entire economy depends on cereal (maize, beans), coffee, tobacco, livestock and wood production.

Cultivar: Red caturra, Maracaturra, Maragogype
Country: Nicaragua 
Region: Diplito,  Nueva Segovia
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1200-1500m
Harvest: Feburary to May 2022
Bag size: 250g

Flavour note: Sweet, Honey, Lemon and Brunt sugar