Ethiopia Dhilgee Nensebo Refisa

Ethiopia Dhilgee Nensebo Refisa

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The typical Ethiopian we love. It is floral and sweet with hint of bergamot and black tea. It's great for your cozy afternoon coffee break!


Dhilgee means 'bloody red' in the Ethiopian Oromifa language. West Alusi coffee has a wide variety of flavours.

The area borders the vast 'Helena Forest' of the Barre Mountain National Park. In recent years, numerous capital investments have been made by producers.Even in remote areas that are almost inaccessible by car, you can find micro-stations processing native forest coffee.

Refisa is a washing station located in this West Arsi area where about 389 growers deliver cherries. The cultivars grown are Welisho and Krume.
Under the training of the SNAP coffee exporter who runs this washing station, the growers have been taught all the necessary know-how such as refining methods, cleaning, a waste recycling system to protect the environment and they continue to grow.


Cultivar: Wolisho, Kurume, 74110 & 74112
Country: Ethiopia
Region: West Arsi, Nesebo, Refisa

Process: Washed
Altitude: 1950 m a.s.l
Harvest: 2022
Bag size: 250g

Flavour note:  Floral, Sweet, Bergamot, Black tea