Ethiopia Gedeo

Ethiopia Gedeo

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The typical Ethiopian we love! It's floral like rose-hip in the beginning, with ginger-like spice towards to the end. You will also enjoy the creamy mouth-feel. It's great for your cozy afternoon coffee break!

Chelbessa coffee is coming from Gedeo Zone and is exported by SNAP company. SNAP is working since more than 10 years on coffee sector, choosing to propose high quality coffees for international market. Chelbessa coffee reveals nice aromes and comes from a beautiful natural environment in Yirgacheffe appellation.



The washing station is located in the village of Chelbessa, exactly in the Danche area, in the Gedeo zone, in the Gedeb woreda.
It is located at 2000 meters above sea level and was recently established in 2019 by the SNAP company.
SNAP selects the red cherries from 476 small producers, who work the land around Chelbessa.
The coffee grows here in semi-forest, under shade trees and close to food crops, such as bananas.
SNAP has installed tiled fermentation tanks and 164 drying beds here; 100 are dedicated to fully washed processed coffees and 64 for natural coffees.


Origin: Ethiopia, Gedeo
Cultivar: Heirloom
Process: Washed
Hight: 1950 - 2200m
Harvest: November to January
Drying: African beds
Size: 250g