Ethiopia Duromina

Ethiopia Duromina

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Everyone loves the typical Ethiopian. This coffee has delicate and sweet tea-like flavors with hint of jasmine tea, apricot and white flowers. It fits any occasions!


Duromina currently have two washing stations. These businesses have been financially beneficial for the farmer members and producing award winning coffees. They have some hundred members delivering cherry, plus non-members who sell their coffee to this washing station as well. The members receive a second payment after harvest once the coffee has been milled and graded for quality.

Technoserve is the organisation behind Duromina. They supported farmers to set up the washing stations and create a new cooperative structure. The aim of the project was to increase sustainability and quality in the west, with transparent and environmentally friendly production, and increased premiums for the producers. From the outset they used eco pulpers and built water treatment systems based on Vetiver grass which naturally filters the water from production before it is pumped into lagoons to be absorbed into the earth. They also established farmer training programmes and implemented a traceability system.

We discovered Duromina, and other cooperative washing stations, like Nano Challa and Biftu Gudina, the year they were established. It was clear from the beginning that this would be a different kind of operation. The management is strong and Duromina succeeded in producing high quality coffees from year one. This project has revealed a great new range of coffee flavours not found elsewhere. They were initially part of Oromia Cooperative Union, but a few years ago they established a new local Cooperative union in the area called Kata Muduga.


Cultivar: 74110 & 74112
Country: Ethiopia
Region:  Agaro District, Jimma
Cooperative: Duromina
Process: Washed
Altitude: 2000 m a.s.l
Harvest: 2022
Bag size: 250g


Flavour note: Jasmine tea, Apricot, White flowers.