Kenya AA Kiangai

Kenya AA Kiangai

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Vanlig pris
220,00 kr
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This is a beautiful cup of Kenyan coffee. It is bright, clean, with excellent acidity. It has apricot, syrup and floral flavours with hint of peach jam.

The Kiangai Factory is owned by Kibirigwi Cooperative Society, and it is located in the Western side of Kirinyaga District in the southern part of Mt. Kenya. The area where these coffees grow is privileged due to its heights and climatic conditions and soils for cash crops like coffee, tea and dairy production.

The Kiangai Factory is one of nine factories that form part of the Kibirigwi Cooperative Society. The Kiangai Factory is named for its history, as it was previously a place where elders of the surrounding villages went to perform ritual ceremonies.


Cultivar: SL 28, SL 34, Batian, and Ruiru 11.Country: Kenya

Region: Kirinyagai, Kibirigwi Cooperative Society
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1700-1800m
Harvest: 2023
Bag size: 250g

Flavour note:  Apricot, Syrup, Floral and Peach jam.