Honduras Miskito

Honduras Miskito

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Everyone loves elegance Honduran coffee! It has fresh citrus flavors and sweetness of the milk chocolate towards the end. This can help you relax in the morning and it’s also great alongside sweets.

Miskito comes from the province "El Paraiso" which is recognized worldwide for its coffees. As one of the oldest coffee producing regions in the country, producers have know-how that is passed on from generation to generation.
They have small Fincas, whose surfaces do not exceed 10 hectares and where the coffee trees are cultivated entirely under shade to ensure a good maturity of the cherries.



La Paz department was created on May 28, 1869 and is located in the extreme South West of Honduras, bordering the sister Republic of El Salvador and before its founding as a department it belonged to the department of Comayagua.La Paz department has a territorial area of 2,525 km² and its departmental capital is the city of La Paz and its territory is divided into 19 municipalities, 114 villages and 1,143 hamlets; Their citizens are mainly dedicated to agriculture, livestock and commerce and its main crops are coffee, corn, henequen, sugar cane and fruits.

Cultivar: Blend
Country: Honduras
Region: La Paz
Process: Fully washed
Altitude: 1600 m a.s.l
Harvest: October 2022 - March 2023
Bag size: 250g
Flavour note: Citrus, Milk Chocolate, Caramel