Colombia Huila Pitalito

Colombia Huila Pitalito

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165,00 kr
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This coffee has lovely notes of spices and fresh mandarin. Perfect as a morning coffee!


The region of Huila

The area is well known for the quality and good size of its coffee beans. It is a quality that has been rewarded on numerous occasions in recent national and international competitions.
Despite this success, however, it is a coffee-producing region that has remained humble and authentic. The vast majority of its producers manage small farms, covering mainly between 1 and 5 hectares, with yields of between 10 and 15 bags of exportable coffee. The coffee industry recognises the high quality of the coffees produced in this region and has always encouraged fully-washed processing, providing training opportunities for producers to further improve quality and consistency over time.

Origin: Colombia, Huila Pitalito
Cultivar: Castillo, Colombia, Caturra
Process: Fully washed
Hight: 1300-1700 masl
Harvest: October to December
Size: 250g