Brazil Cerrado

Brazil Cerrado

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Lovely smooth coffee with hints of cream and walnuts. Perfect for the breakfast table!



José Carlos Grossi is the founder of the JC Grossi & Filhos company. Since he was a child he has helped his father in his work on a coffee farm. In 1966 José Carlos joined the ESALQ/USP agricultural school to deepen his knowledge of coffee growing.

Concerned about obtaining constant quality in production, José Carlos has adopted a strategy of verticalization of production activities, which has enabled him to improve the quality control and traceability of the coffees produced. Added to this is research work to adapt production to the Cerrado. In 1994, the Group set up an experimental plot.

Since 2005, they have been UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certified .

Grown at an altitude of 970 meters above sea level, this coffee is a yellow catucai. We called it Aguas de Março because it is fully washed processed and it is quite rare in the Cerrado region.



Origin: Cerrado region, Brazil
Species: Yellow Catuai
Process: Fully washed
Hight: 970 m.s.l.
Harvest: June to September