• Do you do wholesale?


    Our current website isn’t set-up to take wholesale orders, so get in touch with us at hello@myuglybaby.no and we can provide you with an offer list and shipping prices. Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Any other questions? Feel free to drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon we can.


  • How do you choose the coffee that will come to me?

    When you sign up, we give you a few options about the kinds of coffee you like to drink, how you brew and how much coffee you drink. We’ll take all of this information and pick out coffees that will be perfect for you from our selection.

    The more coffee you drink along with the feedback you give, the greater we can understand your preferences and the better we get at finding coffees that you will love.


  • What kinds of coffee do you sell?

    We tried to make choosing your favourites as easy as possible, that’s why you’ll find the most prominent flavour notes in each coffee front and centre, with the origin and producer on the back. When one coffee is out of season, we will try and find another with similar characteristics so that you don’t have to go without your favourite types of coffee each morning.

    Coffee is just like any other organic product. Different countries harvest at different times of the year. So we’ll have a rotating selection all year round. But the nice thing is that if you create an account with us, your selection will teach us a lot about what kind of flavours you like. So the more often you come back, the more likely it will be that we can find raw coffees that suit your tastes.

    Think of it this way: you get to be part of our green buying team (just without all that international travel and paperwork).

    Quality is the backbone of what we do but we are also aware of the increasing difficulty for producers to continually provide coffees above specialty standard due to pervasive disease, lack of diversity in varieties, inclement weather, transportation and drying issues.

    This is why we want to offer broader ranges of quality than you would typically see within specialty coffee roasters. This allows us to develop relationships with producers and continue to support them regardless of the quality of their harvest. It also allows us to have a spectrum of roast degrees that can satisfy a broad range of tastes for our customers.


  • Do you ship internationally?

    You better believe it! We ship with Bring and Posten. We chose these operators because they have reasonable shipping prices and times.

    Unfortunately, as a trade off for price, we don't offer tracking for packages. But if your coffee takes more than 14 business days, get in touch and we will find a solution for you.

    You can even become a member with a small extra fee for shipping.


  • I got a new brewing method at home that is different to what I signed on with.

    You can alter this at any time in your profile. Especially important if we are grinding for you. Just use the buttons in your profile page to alter your membership.


  • Can I pause my membership?

    No problem. Log in and use the + and - buttons beside each week to regulate the amount of coffee you need.

    We understand that people aren’t always at home.


  • I’ve moved!

    Same deal, the sooner that you let us know your new address, the sooner you’ll get a lovely package of fresh coffee there. Just update your address info using the "send to different address" button in your profile if you have a membership Or put in a new address the next time you buy something.


  • What do you do with my payment details?

    No one can see them except for you. All your information is private. Feel free to change your billing information in your profile at any time.


  • Can I change the amount of coffee I want if I am a member?


    We want to make sure you have just the right amount of coffee so that you are always drinking fresh and tasty cups at home. Best case scenario is that you run out of the last coffee on the day after your fresh batch has arrived.

    You can use the + and - within your profile to manually edit your amount. If you want to make a permanent change click the change membership button and change to the amount you want.


  • Can I cancel my membership?

    Unless the coffee has already been roasted and sent to you, you are welcome to cancel at any time.

    We’d love it if you could find the time to send us some feedback at: hello@lilleoslokaffebrenneri.no so that we could improve the experience for someone else based on your experience.


  • How long will my coffee take to arrive?

    We offer free shipping inside of Norway with Bring. Since we are based in Oslo, you should receive fresh coffee usually a day from when it leaves the roastery. Some trickier parts of Northern Norway can take some extra days.

    Internationally we also use the Norwegian postal service which will switch to your local carrier. If it takes longer than 14 days to arrive, get in touch with us.


  • Can I get a friend a membership as a gift?


    Just fill in the membership info with the name of whoever you want to spoil!


  • My office would like to get coffee.

    No worries! The Explore membership might be just what you’re after. Just let us know how much coffee you go through as a team and we can take care of the rest. If you’re not sure what equipment to invest in, we’re here to help with that too. Just send us an email to hello@myuglybaby.no and we’ll give you a list of great products that can get you on your way.


  • I didn't enjoy the last coffee I received.

    Drop us a line via email or give us a call. Perhaps it was a brewing issue that we can help you solve. Otherwise we can make sure that your next bag is perfect for you.

    We want to make sure you are loving every single drop.


  • Can I add single boxes to my membership without adjusting my monthly amount?


    We want to make it as easy as possible for you to grab and go.

    Just sign in and find a coffee you like and your saved payment details will make it easy as. We’ll get your coffee on its way to you on the next roast day.


  • Why do you only sell in 250g boxes?

    We would rather give you many small boxes of fresh coffee more often, than a lot of coffees at one time.

    That’s how a membership with us differs from a traditional subscription. 


  • Whats with your packaging?

    The plastic bag inside is made with biodegradable plastic which means as soon as its empty, you can throw it right into your compost. As for the box, it can go into the paper recycling.

    We understand that it might be unusual or confronting for a specialty roaster to sell coffee that isn't air tight but we promise that we do everything for a reason.

    Research published during the Roasters Guild of Europe found that all packaging currently used to store coffee does little to nothing to hinder staling of roasted coffee. Coffee will begin to degrade the moment it is roasted, regardless of how it is packed. So rather than pay lip-service to freshness, we are endeavouring to send small amounts of freshly roasted coffee regularly, rather than packing it and expecting it to keep its freshness.

    If you consume the coffee within a month from roasting, it'll be delicious.


  • Can you grind the coffee for me?

    Yes! Whilst grinding your own coffee will always result in a far more delicious cup, we want to make your experience as easy as possible. Just let us know how you brew and we can find the right grind setting for you.


  • What about Organic and Fairtrade?

    Organic and Fairtrade are certifications which are outside the reach of some of the producers we work with. They also set limitations on the framework of what we can buy, where we can buy it from and also prevents us from paying higher premiums than what these certifications allow.

    We want to be as transparent as possible so alongside each profile, you will find the price that we paid for each of the coffees to the importers we buy from.

    Because of the size of our company, we are unable to directly trade at this point in time but it is definitely a goal for the future.

    We only work with importers such as Nordic Approach, Collaborative Coffee Source and Cafe Imports that put enormous work into their relationships and programs in producing countries.


  • What is a membership?

    Unlike a traditional coffee subscription, we want to make sure that we’re working for you. Which means that you’ll receive fresh coffee when you need it, rather than it being on a pre-set schedule.

    Just let us know what kind of coffee you like, how much coffee you drink, how you like to drink it and we’ll make sure you never run out of coffee again by having coffee waiting for you in your mailbox.

    By signing up for a membership and giving feedback on your coffees, you then begin to shape the kinds of coffees we find and roast. The end goal being that each box is a step closer to finding the very best coffee for you.