Colombia Villa Karina (Geisha 125g)

Colombia Villa Karina (Geisha 125g)

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195,00 kr
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An elegant geisha from Colombia. This coffee is silky smooth and entices with notes of jasmine and fresh cherries. A lovely start to your day or a bookend to the perfect evening. 

Finca Villa Karina

Located in the Planadas region, a remote area renowned for its high quality coffee, Finca Villa Karina is a small farm of no more than 5 hectares in total. This is just enough space to carefully plant the Geisha coffee trees, care for them for a whole year, and then hand-pick carefully while only selecting the red beans. Their coffee beans are treated naturally and the drying process lasts for over a month. 


The producer, José Amir Garzon, lives on the farm with his wife and three children. In other words: it’s a family business. Garzon has been working with coffee for 30 years. His experience and drive have lead him to focus on specialty coffee. His profits go towards improving the infrastructure of the small farm while also caring for the local environment.

Cultiver: GeishaCountry:  Colombia
Region: Finca Villa Karina, Tolima Producer: José Amir Garzon
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1750 m
Harvest: May to July 2022
Bag size:  125g

Flavour note: Jasmin, Fresh cherries