La Cabaña - Panorama, Garzón,  Huila, Colombia

La Cabaña - Panorama, Garzón, Huila, Colombia

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Origin: Javier Cardozo

La Cabaña - Panorama

Javier, with nearly five decades of experience as a coffee farmer, strives to cultivate exceptionally clean coffee. With dedication to quality, he expresses the hope that coffee drinkers will appreciate his efforts.

Harvest & Post-Harvest

The cherries at La Cabaña are picked every 15 days and then taken to Javier’s wet mill. They are then fermented for 36 hours, washed, and dried on covered and raised beds.

Javier mainly cultivates Castillo and Colombia varieties.


Coocentral serves as the primary cooperative in Central Huila, with members typically owning farms ranging from 2 to 3 hectares at altitudes between 1400 to 2000 metres above sea level. The main varieties cultivated are Caturra, Castillo, and Variedad Colombia. The cooperative boasts 3747 members, of which 2098 are active contributors, delivering their parchment to reception points in various local villages (Veredas). Purchase points are located in Gigante, Garzon, Guadalupe, Suaza Tarqui, Pital, and Agrado. The harvest season in Central Huila spans from May to July and October to December.


Since 2005, Coocentral has invested 2.8 million USD in social programs. These initiatives encompass housing, university education, healthcare support (e.g., Coocentral covers 50% of hospital bills), funeral expenses, infrastructure development on farms, bonuses for fertiliser purchases made through the coop, life and natural disaster insurance, an in-house education system for young growers and growers' children, as well as pension funds. Growers receive 100% of the premium paid above the current market and daily purchasing prices


Cultivar: Variedad Colombia, Castillo 

Country: Colombia

Region: Garzón, Huila

Altitude: 1400 - 2000 m.a.s.l.

Harvest: 2023

Bag size: 250g 

Taste notes: Lemonade, Honeydew melon & red berries