Colombia Tolima

Colombia Tolima

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This is an exciting natural process coffee from Colombia. This coffee has complex and sweet candy-like flavours with hint of Raspberry candy, strawberry, pure cacao and almond. Enjoy every sip, and let it brighten your day!

Originally from the Planadas and Gaitania terroirs, south of the Tolima region, this coffee is grown in a high altitude area very often covered by clouds. It is from this particularity that its name derives its origin, since "Fábrica" comes from "Factory of clouds". We fell in love with this coffee, which is part of a high altitude organic production (1600 - 2000 masl).
Fully washed processed then fermented, the coffee is produced from old varieties such as bourbon, typica, caturra, castillo and colombia, which are very rare today. The main crop takes place from May to June (70%) and the mitaca is from October to January (30%).

Terroir: Fabrica 
Cultivar: Castillo
Country: Colombia
Region: Tolima, Planadas
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1600 - 2000m
Harvest: May to June 2022
Bag size: 250g


Flavour note: Raspberry candy, Strawberry, Pure cacao, Almond