Guatemala El Xalum Natural

Guatemala El Xalum Natural

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We are very happy to introduce this beautiful cup from Guatemala. We believe all the natural coffee-lover will enjoy this right amount of fruitiness and funkiness. You will find tropical fruit notes and a creamy texture.   


El Xalum, formerly called La Revuelta, this farm was bought by the Starry family in 1995. In the 1800s, the Samayoa family produced natural dyes from cacti. With the arrival of synthetics, the family abandoned its cactus production and diversified to livestock, coffee, corn, beans and various vegetables. In around 1950, the farm was divided up for the different members of the family, and the area where El Xalum sits was bequeathed to the cousin of Christian’s grandmother. Christian and Julia bought the land in 1995.


Christian Starry comes from the Czech Republic. His family settled in Guatemala four generations ago to produce coffee. Particularly interested in processes, Christian Junior embarked on the family adventure in 2013. He manages the washing station built at the farm in 2013, which offers a magnificent view overlooking Lake Amatitlan. Natural, fully-washed and honey coffees are dried there on large patios. This microlot of Red Bourbon is prepared naturally and gives a beautiful spicy cup with notes of cinnamon.


Country: Guatemala
Region: El Xalum, Amatitlan
Producer: Christian Starry
Variety: Red bourbon
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1450 - 1555 m.a.s.l.