El Salvador- Villa Galicia

El Salvador- Villa Galicia

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Villa Galicia is owned by Mauricio Salaverria. This 12-hectare farm is located on the "Route of Flowers". Mauricio has invested in an ecological processing plant and has perfect mastery of the post-harvest coffee processes on his Villa Galicia farm.

The story of Villa Galicia goes back more than a century, when Don Manuel Ariz left Galicia, in Spain, and arrived in Concepción de Ataco, in Ahuachapán, in an area known by its inhabitants as the place of "high springs". Señor Ariz then had the brilliant idea of investing in small plots of land nearby, starting with 13.5 hectares of excellent clay-limestone terroir that today make up the Villa Galicia farm.

Terroir: Ataco 
Cultivar: Apaneca - Ilamatepec
Country: El Salvador 
Region: Ilamatepec
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1300 - 1600m
Harvest: 2023
Bag size: 250g


Flavour note: Blackberry, Cherry & Milk Chocolate